We'll keep your measurements safely! Follow the instructions to measure yourself (although we'd personally recommend that you have your measurements taken professionally). Be sure to measure the exact size of your body. Our experienced tailors will be able to work out the final measurements to complement your figure. Go ahead, contact us your measurements we'll keep them in file in anticipation of your order..


1. Full Shoulder

Measure back at end of shoulders.

2. Sleeves

Measure sleeves from shoulder seam to length desired.

3. Chest

Measure around Body well up under arm holes.

4. Stomach

Measure around stomach line.

5. Length

Measure from lower collar seam to length desired.

6. Front

Measure from one armhole to other armhole in front.

7. Back

Measure from one armhole to other armhole at Back.

8. Neck

Measure around the Neck.

9. Waist

Measure around Waist Line.

10. Hips

Measure around Hips at widest poit of seat but not tight.

11. Crotch

Measure from center front Waist under legs to center back Waist.

12. Length

Measure from top of Waist band to bottom of cuff.

13. Cuff

Measure width around cuff.

14. Thigh

Measure width around thigh.

1. Shoulder/Bust

From shoulder seam to bust.

2. Front Length

From shoulder seam to waist.

3. Jacket Length

Shoulder seam to jacket length.

4. Skirt

From waist to skirt length.

5. Dress Length

From shoulder seam to bottom.

6. Back Length

Center shoulder to back waist.

7. Cuff

Measure width around cuff.

8. Centers

Measure busts center to center.

9. Armhole

Measure around the armhole.

10. Upper Chest

Around snug-up the armholes.

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